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Walking tours are back! I'd love to do 
again the Shakespeare Walk with Lute.
Why not book me for a tour?  

My virtual tours are conducted with a blank verse narrative and last about 50 minutes. The Moonploy Tour is £5 a ticket. All other tours are £10.66. 

Each tour has a scheduled departure time but can also be booked separately at a time to suit you. Please email me to request a time on rnbjones@btinternet.com

The virtual London Panoramic hop-on-hop-off tour lasts two hours and includes all the major sights from Buckingham Palace to the Tower of London with Westminster Abbey and St Paul's en route. It's scheduled departure time is 10am on Saturday morning but feel free to hire me anytime. The virtual St Paul's Tour on Sunday morning 10am takes you inside the great cathedral. As the liaison guide for St Paul's, I know Sir Christopher Wren's masterwork as well as anyone and as I used to sing in the choir there, perhaps slightly better then most.

My Moonploy Tour is based on the world's greatest family board game. I take you once round the London version of the board with the dice determining the stops. No two tours are the same! The Margaret Thatcher in Chelsea Tour celebrates one of the greatest political leaders in the nation's history and the Welsh in London Virtual Dragon Ride unearths the presence of Welts in the capital since the last Ice Age! 

I offer two medical virtual tours. The first is All Around the University: Firsts and Inventions in the History of Medicine and explores the streets around University College London which has won 29 Nobel prizes, six of them in medicine. The Quack Doctor Tour accompanies the alchemist Lionel Lockyer on his rounds through the City of London (the ancient central part) and uncovers the life story of the inventor of the Sunlight Pill who made a fortune at the time of the Great Plague of London in 1665. Any connection with the current situation is entirely deliberate. 

I also gives an illustrated lecture, A Short History of English Music, drawing on my lifelong experience as a music critic. 

I look forward to Spring 2021 and anticipate the resumption of actual walking tours including his Shakespeare with Lute Tour, his Whispering Tour of St Paul's Cathedral, his Joseph Haydn in London with the Changing of the Guard Tour, and his celebrated Jack the Ripper Piano Tour. 

Shakespeare Birthday Lecture IX: John Gower14th June 19:00 (£10.66)Virtual tour: William Shakespeare borrowed Pericles from the poet John Gower 1330-1408 who has a large ornate tomb in Southwark Cathedral which the former visited often. The Bard compensated for h ...Duration: 1 hour
Shakespeare Birthday Lecture X: John Fletcher 21st June 19:00 (£10.66)Virtual tour: William Shakespeare retired as chief playwright for his acting company The King's Men in 1612 and handed over to John Fletcher with whom he had already collaborated on a number of pr ...Duration: 1 hour
Shakespeare Birthday Lecture XI: Dickens28th June 19:00 (£10.66)Virtual tour: Charles Dickens was both thrilled and petrified by the experience of watching Shakespeare's Henry V as a small boy. The sword-fighters backed up against the box he was sitting in; he ...Duration: 1 hour
Shakespeare Birthday Lecture XII: Heminge and Condell 5th July 19:00 (£9.34)Virtual tour: John Heminge and Henry Condell were the last two remaining actors from the company which produced Shakespeare's plays during the 1590s and 1600s. They realised that if they did not c ...Duration: 1 hour