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Did Maggie Thatcher Serve?

31st January 2021

Did Maggie Thatcher ever take a job
in a Lyons Tea House serving tea? 
Was she ever called a 'nippy' as 
she sped around the tables with a tray? 
A myth has spread itself that this was so,
but it's fake news. She never stooped so low. 
She did however work for Lyons as 
a chemist after graduating from 
the University of Oxford with 
a BSc in nineteen forty eight.
She preferred in later life to say 
she was the first PM with a degree
in science rather than the first to be 
a woman (re biographer Charles Moore).
Her tutor was the Nobel laureate
Professor Dotty Hodgkin who had trialled 
penicillin in the years before
Margaret went up. At Lyons she 
researched dried egg and how a sandwich might 
behave at altitude. She also helped   
emulsify ice-cream which then became
the light, aerated Mr Whippy brand.
The Iron Lady in confectionery!