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Young's & Co The Brewer

30th March 2021

Young's & Co

The pubs in London Williams complained about
included those owned by the Wandsworth brewer 
Young's and Co, established eighteen thirty-
one beside the River Wandle, where 
it flows into the Thames. The fields had sheep
in then which gave the name Ram Brewery
and logo on the pub signs and the flag.
The brewer sold its beer through all its pubs
which mainly were South London tenancies
(its rival Fuller's dominates the north)
delivering the kegs by horse-drawn dray
until Young's closed its Wandsworth brewery
in two thousand and six and moved production
out to Bedford fifty miles away.
It was a sad occasion - doubly so
because the chairman John Young died the week
before the move aged eighty five, the last
executive to be a Young. They drank 
a thousand pints of Special at the wake.
Young's pubs remain, two hundred of them, and 
the HQ in a modern office block
with only paintings in old-fashioned frames
to summon up the boardrooms of the past. 
The future's in the plant and stable tours.
Pint of Ordinary, please. What's yours?