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Monopoly and the Single Tax Movement

27th January 2021

Time to fill in your tax return!

The board game Monopoly was invented in 1903 to demonstrate the iniquities of capitalism and propose a new form of taxation. The inventor Lizzie Magie was an advocate of the Single Tax Movement which proposed that there should be just one tax and that it should be all on property, not work. That's why are there are two tax squares on the board - Income Tax and Super Tax. It hurts to land on them, especially Income Tax as you've only just picked up your £200 for passing Go. Suddenly it's all gone.

On the other hand, Super Tax comes as a relief especially if there are someone else's hotels on Park Lane and Mayfair either side. To cough up a mere £100 then is a relief. Anyway, the Single Tax Movement never gained any traction but it still exists apparently.