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The Darkward Trail

25th August 2022

Has Eisenman won any awards? 

The Darkward Trail by Nicole Eisenman
presents a cartoon-style, surreal satire
on society in twenty eighteen
or a certain element within it.
Three unprepossessing rednecks walk
or ride towards the dark of ignorance.
Their torch shines blue. The torchman's flesh is grey.
A swivel-eyed loon operates a drone,
a third inflicts his weight upon an ass.
The tree is bare, a cactus shrivels up.
The yellow atmosphere looks sulphurous.
The artist, born in nineteen sixty-fi ve,
is French-American, but resident 
in New York since the age of five. Her father
was an army shrink  based at Verdun;
her great-grandmother was the Polish artist
Esther Hamerman, a painter. She 
has German-Jewish ancestry and is 
a lesbian, or in her words, 'I'm gender
fluid, but I use the pronoun she.
I wish to stretch the radicality 
of what the pronoun she implies.' 
Her work is figurative and teh jur
said of her acArthur Fellowship
it was for her restoring cultural
significance to the depiction of 
the human form which had decreased
in favour of abstraction in the twentieth
century. Her representatives 
are Hauser and Wirth....