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Burns Night

25th January 2021

The 25th January is the anniversary of the birth of Scottish poet Robert Burns in 1759. Many of his poems are songs and my favourite is 'The De'ils awa' wi' the Exciseman' which is to say the devil take the tax collector. It's a jig and I'm singing it on my instagram account, rickjones593. Burns himself was a tax collector and in 1792 he was sent to arrest the crew of the smuggling ship Rosamunde. The following month, he sang the The De'il's awa' at a dinner for excisemen and didn't last too much longer in his job after that.

Coincidentally, the game Monopoly was invented in 1903 in the USA to educate people about tax. It has inspired my virtual reality Moonploy Tour of the streets in the London version of the game which goes every morning at 9am this week free on youtube. Do join me. We make a single tour of the board with the dice determining the stops so no two tours are the same. I don't mind if you turn up in your pyjamas.