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Mrs Thatcher's Pantry

23rd February 2021

And once when Mrs Thatcher was accused
of hoarding sugar at a time of want,
she called the press to come and view her store
to demonstrate her thrift and common sense. 
The papers showed the pantry and described:
eight pounds of granulated sugar, plus
one of icing for a Christmas cake,
six jars of honey, jam and marmalade
which Denis rather liked. She also had 
four tins of corned beef and of processed ham, 
six tins of Scottish salmon for a mousse,
four tins of sardines and two family jars
of Bovril which is not so common now 
as it was then. So was she hoarding? No,
she said. What you see here's the prudence of 
the housewife and a million women, who
were voters too in Britain, understood.