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Frank Pattison Speaks

17th February 2021

Good evening everyone and welcome to
St George’s Talks on Shrove Tuesday. 
Guten Abend meine Damen und Herren 
und herzliches wilkommen hier in die 
St George’s Talks am Fastnachtdienstag. 
My name’s Rick Jones. I am a member of
the committee of St George’s, which as you
may know is a two hundred and sixty year old
German Lutheran church in the East End
of London. That is it behind me now.
There are a lot of us and it would be
much better if we mute ourselves and switch
our video off. There will be time for questions
afterwards and if you have one you
could write it in the chat box on the screen.
This evening's speaker is Frank Pattison,
whom I first got to know some forty eight
years ago when he became the German
teacher at my school, not quite fresh out
of Oxford but almost. He used our first
names in the sixth form and we his, showed how 
Gluehwein should be made, departed oft
from the curriculum, and treated us
as adults: revolutionary then.
He was an inspiration to me and
to countless others which I’m sure has caused
so many to attend tonight. Beyond
the German set, Frank ran a cycling club
and in the summer holidays he toured
through every state of Germany in time
not least to those parts where we’re going now.
Frank has grown younger with the years - in fact
I seem to have caught up with him. In his
retirement he still leads German tours
but now by airconditioned motorcoach.
The talk you’ll hear derives from his great love,
experience and knowledge of the German
way of life. And be prepared to sing :
the song of Pomerania comes up.
Also Frank – du bist daran. Jetzt los!