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The Guild Lecture

16th October 2021

It's two minutes past two and probably time to start....

Good afternoon and welcome everyone!
Before we start, it's best if we all mute.
The British Guild of Tourist Guides at first
included Lecturers as well. The Guild
of Guide Lecturers we clumsily 
were named. Established nineteen fifty, changed 
the name in nineteen ninety-five but kept
the skill to lecture nonetheless, as many
of us now have shown. Today's 
Blue Badge Guide Lecturer addresses
getting back to work now that the furlough's
finished and we have to leave the comfy chair 
before they come and repossess the house.
As ex-director of communications 
for the Museum of London, there
is no one better placed to tell us how 
to sell our skills as guides and lecturers.
Before the MoL, he learned to spin
politically in parliament's press office 
having gained a BSc in Government 
and Politics. He now runs his own business
to provide PR, consultancy 
on branding and his services as guide.
So gentlemen and ladies, will you please
give up a warm and friendly welcome to
our speaker Mr Londoner, or Mister 
Antony Robbins as he's also known.