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The Beginning of Anatomy

13th April 2021

Hippocrates 400BC and Galen 200AD had different attitudes to cutting up human flesh

The natural response to breakdown is
to look inside the engine and repair
the damaged part. In fact Hippocrates
refused to dissect humans and did all
his study on the living. He denied
that illness was a punishment by gods
and argued that environment and diet
were the cause. How very up to date
the old Greek was. Today he's with us
in the Hippocratic Oath which doctors swear
on graduation. It commits them to
the life-preserving aspect of their trade
and use of power responsibly. He is 
to us the Father of the Medical 
                       Galen on the other hand
was curious to see inside but he
lived in the early Christian era when
dissection of a human was taboo
and so he cut up up animals instead
although he told his students to inspect
dead gladiators or drowned sailors if
they got the chance. He made anatomy 
his subject and his drawings were still used 
in Shakespeare's era, thirteen centuries on.