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Carbon Copy

12th February 2021

The British German Association
sends an invitation to a conference.
The LSE is host. Three panellists
discuss how profit may ensue from green
behaviour. They're young intelligent
Teutonic entrepreneurs with language skills 
a mere extension of their genius. 
Anna Alex at Planetly helps
you calculate your carbon footprint and 
advises how you can offset the cost.
Daniel Metzler's Isar Aerospace 
with nineteen million dollars funding sends
to orbit satellites. He says you can't 
do that without emissions by the laws 
of Newton so his aim is to reduce 
not just offset. 'I am eager,' says
the rocket man, 'about debris in space.
It's plastic in the ocean and if junk 
should strike a satellite, a country's tech 
goes down.' Ferry Heilemann does freight
at Forto, taking goods around the world 
sustainably. For one involved in shipping,
Ferry's a good name. For climate change
he says the tax in euros - twenty five 
per ton of carbon - which was introduced 
by Germany on Jan the First is weak.
A sticking plaster. Are there naysayers?
Not so many here in Germany, but in
the U.S.A. - ? His rhetoric
invokes a snigger from the other two.
And everybody thinks of Donald Trump.