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A walk to Blythe Hill

11th January 2021

I have made a new year's resolution to stay in. However, I broke it this morning and went for a walk. I crossed the railway line between Catford Bridge and Ladywell via the curly bridge and climbed Blythe Hill which has lovely views of the City and Docklands skyscrapers. They were invisible in the mist. Apparently one in fifty Londoners has Covid, so at least a couple of the hundred or so in my vicinity must have been ill. I hoped it wasn't the runners exhaling noisily.

I came to the CAMRA award-winning Blythe Hill Tavern on the lower slopes facing on to the South Circular. Behind it was something I'd not noticed before - a picture of the Catford Cat, the borough's emblem, painted on to the wall of a new brick-built house calling itself the Catford Villa. A workshop which was similarly hidden from the main road, stood opposite. A clumsy fascia board announced this to be Weld Tech and on the roof there were examples of its work. A skeleton was sitting on the frame of a globe fishing, a classic 1950s ball-and-stick representation of molecular structure, a gorilla, a sky rocket and a silver robot made an amusing ensemble. It pleased me when I showed them to Mrs Jones that she had not noticed them before as there is not much that escapes her notice.