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Good day to all and welcome to my web!
I'm a journalist, teacher, musician and guide. 

I am the General Secretary of the Critics' Circle and a Blue Badge tourist guide.

As the latter, I lead walking tours of the districts of London listed below. The short film advertises Moonploy, a lockdown virtual tour of locations on the Monopoly board determined by the roll of the dice with commentaries delivered in blank verse. 

Walking Tours:

The CITY also known as The Square Mile, including -
TS ELIOT THE WASTELAND CENTENARY TOUR visiting locations in the 433-line poem from Blackfriars tube to London Bridge. Wednesdays 11am.
CITY CHURCHES visiting some of the architectural gems which have survived the fires of 1666 and 1940, beginning at Cannon Street tube and ending at St Stephen's Walbrook. Fridays 10.30am. 

SOUTHWARK - THE SHAKESPEARE TOUR WITH LUTE beginning at the Shakespeare window in Southwark Cathedral. Tuesdays 11am. 

CHELSEA - THE IRON LADY TOUR where Baroness Margaret Thatcher begasn her odyssey and where she is buried. Thursdays 11am. 

BLOOMSBURY - THE MEDICAL TOUR visiting streets around the University of London (UCL) and University College Hospital (UCH). Arranged at your convenience.

SOHO / WESTMINSTER - JOSEPH HAYDN IN LONDON visiting the homes and concert venues of the Austrian composer who lived here from 1790-1794 including the Changing of the Guard at 10.30am. Arranged on a date to suit you. 

WHITECHAPEL - JACK THE RIPPER PIANO TOUR evening tour of places associated with the victims of the serial murderer in 1888 with the songs of the Music Halls as a backdrop and ending round a pub piano. Arranged at your convenience.

TATE MODERN walking tour of the free galleries of London's most visited attraction. Weekdays at 2pm. 

THE TOWER OF LONDON Bring the kids! This is a history lesson in situ. They will never be able to say 'I was away that day' again! To be arranged at your convenience.  

ST PAULS As a former chorister and now 'site liaison' guide for St Paul's I am well placed to reveal the secrets of the dome and what's inside. To be arranged at your convenience.


About Rick

Rick Jones became a Blue Badge tourist guide in 2018. He had previously danced across East Anglia as Shakespeare's clown Will Kemp which gave him a taste for travel and tourism. It was not the first time he had behave in this way. In 2005 he walked across Germany as the composer JS Bach, in 2006 he dodged the highwaymen on foot from Central London to Edgware as GF Handel. In 2009 he traversed Scotland as Felix Mendelssohn and in 2013, he cycled the Malvern Hills  as Edward Elgar. He wrote about his adventures for newspapers and magazines. Otherwise he lives in Catford, South East London and is the secretary of the Critics' Circle, a professional association founded in 1913 representing critics of theatre, music, film, dance, virtual art and books.

About London

This picture was taken in London's Southwark Cathedral in August 2020 at the end of the first lockdown when everyone thought the plague might be over. In the middle is the actor Timothy West who had moved a crowd of culture starved Londoners in the graveyard with a sequence of Shakespearean monologues, on the right is the comedian Arthur Smith who had delivered a routine of very old and funny jokes and I am playing the lute. We are relaxing after the performance beside the recumbent statue of William Shakespeare who knew the building well as he had buried his brother here in 1603, another plague year. His theatre The Globe is nearby. The show replaced the annual illustrated lecture which Arthur and I give on Shakespeare's birthday, 23 April. In 2021, I substituted it with the year's first outdoor walking tour which I am happy to repeat. I'll bring my lute. Why not join me?


"Our guide Rick was excellent. He did very well. He knows a lot of things and has answers to every question. Rick is very sympathic"

Scheduled tours

003 TS ELIOT THE WASTE LAND CENTENARY TOUR10th August 11:30 (£10.00)This is a live walking tour of London locations in TS Eliot's The Waste Land. We start at 11.30am from Blackfriars tube (north side of the river). We shall go up Queen Victoria Street to where St ...Duration: 1.5 hours
001 TATE MODERN10th August 14:30 (£10.00)Join me for this highlights tour of Tate Modern Art Gallery every weekday afternoon at 2pm. We start where the impressionists end with Matisse and The Fauves before Picasso and the Cubists seized ...Duration: 2 hours
006 MEDICAL TOUR: ALL AROUND THE UNIVERSITY11th August 14:30 (£10.00)All Around the University or Firsts and Inventions in the History of MedicineThis 90-minute live walking tour follows a circular route around the buildings of University College London (UCL) whose ...Duration: 1 hour
002 CITY CHURCHES WALKING TOUR 12th August 10:30 (£10.00)Fan-vaulting, a colonnade garden, wood carved as fruit, a Norman crypt, a mighty pipe organ..... The churches we visit on this 90-minute walking tour on Fridays in August 2021 include St Mary Alde ...Duration: 1 hour
005 SHAKESPEARE WITH LUTE13th August 10:30 (£10.00)The Shakespeare tour takes place on Saturdays at 11am and starts from the entrance to Southwark Cathedral, London SE1. I will be playing lute music from 1030am in the courtyard in front of the ent ...Duration: 1 hour

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